Perforated One-Way Window Decals

Great for storefront advertising or vehicle windows

  • See the printed graphic from the outside, but see through the window from the inside.
  • Protective laminate comes standard
  • Choose 50/50 for better visibility from inside
  • Choose 70/30 for superior advertising on the outside
  • Mainly used to cover entire windows

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What Are Perforated Window Decals?

A perforated window decal is an image or graphic that is printed directly onto perforated, adhesive vinyl material. These decals feature one-way vision, allowing you to see outside the window when in your store but not inside when approaching your store. This is possible by puncturing 50% of the vinyl material with tiny holes called micropunctures. These micropunctures are small enough for the decal to maintain a high-quality image on one side yet be see-through on the other side.

These decals are for indoor and outdoor use. The most common uses include business/storefront advertising, window decor, product promotion, window signage, and branding. Mainly used to cover entire windows, they also deflect sunlight and provide shade and privacy.


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